Sep. 15, 2010

Painting Your Home

We all have that desire once in a while to change how our property looks. As the owner you have probably lived with the same look for many years and while it still looks nice to others, to you its ready for a change. You do not need to go to a massive expense to change the look, a coat of paint can freshen the look of your property.

So now you have determined you are going to repaint, there are one or two decisions that need to be made. The very first thing that should be settled is whether you want to paint the exterior, interior or both. It's not just you who will see the results of your hard work, if you paint the outside, individuals passing by will see that fresh new look. Painting the outside is not an option if you live in a building that is not owned by you, such as a apartment With condos, the choice is quite apparent and it is the interior that will be redecorated with a new color. For most people, repainting the inside is the option they will choose, which stands to reason as the interior requires redecorating more frequently.

Once you have made the decision to paint your property, the next thing on the agenda is who is going to do the painting. If you have some family and friends living close by, then the cheaper way is to do it yourself. The only expense will be the new paint colour, some tools and maybe a couple of beers and pizzas for your assistants. If you don't have a lot of time to work with, then you could find that decorating this way could take up your free time for quite a few weeks, also think about the chaos it would cause. Despite the fact it will cost you more, a more simple option, and one that will have the least impact and disruption on your life, would be too employ someone to do it for you.

The most essential question to be determined is the correct color. A small room can look more spacious with a pale neutral paint and a dark room can be made to look fresher with a bright colour. It is important to think about whether the wall covering will match the furniture and accessories in the room it does not have to be the same shade but they should be complementary. As for the outside paint, be careful not to make your house look totally like the one next to yours. Although, it is probably not a good idea to paint the outside of the property with strong colours, a colour that blends in with the neighbourhood is probably the best idea.

Don't let friends or family tell you what colour you should choose, only you know what is right for your property. So if painting your property is on your to do list, then good luck and I hope this write-up helped.

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