Sep. 5, 2010

Is There a Positive Side to Living in a Home with Lots of Generations?

Do you live in a home with your kids and your parents? In spite of the fact that this scenario seems to be more common in old movies, it is certainly becoming more and more usual nowadays, than it was a few years ago. As with anything, lots of generations living under one roof will have positive and also negative sides to it. This feature, hopefully, will show you the main areas of living like this. If moving back home to be with extended family is something you are looking to do shortly, hopefully this report can give you an insight into what to expect.

Positive things to consider.

-it can often make better monetary sense. If the property is very large, with a floor for each generation, then this may not happen.
-you are occupying a house with your whole family around you. This can be a really advantageous point for living together as it can boost very close family ties.

-if the younger adult needs to go away at short notice and has no idea who could look after the children, in a multiple generation house, someone is always there to take care of them (no babysitter is needed). For the younger generation, there is a wealth of advice and support available from the older generations.
-the older generations may have health issues, therefore the younger members of the property can support them to living independently as much as possible. Helping each other is the big positive point of living together, just think coming home from a long day at work and someone has prepared a meal for you.

-the older generation can feel by themselves, primarily if they are housebound or have lost their life partner. With young adults and kids around, there is unlikely to be a dull moment, therefore being surrounded by family gives the older generation people to lean on.

Let's now consider the not so good points.

-if you want to have a personal life and some alone space, it's not going to be effortless.
-parents might meddle in the life of their children and grandkid too much, and vice versa.

disputes about bringing up the children (the grandparents are treating them too much and so on).

-consider your partner, how are they going to feel being in such close proximity to your family, they may even worry that you are comparing them.
-the generation gap could cause problems, each generation has their own way of seeing things and thoughts on how things should be done. Naturally, it is important to live in a home, which is capable of accommodating more generations Forest Hill houses is ideal for this.

Rules need to be set up before entering into this kind of household, there are a multitude of other areas to think about that I haven't covered, as a family it's up to you how you deal with it. Honesty is particularly important, though. Do not put yourself in the situation just because someone else would like you too, if it isn't the life you want then nothing is going to change your point of view. When all said and done, if you are depressed then other people are going to feel that, which makes for a very tense home and relationships could break down.

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