Feb. 15, 2009

Toronto Condo Guide

I would like to introduce you 10 most important Toronto Condos neighbourhoods, where is situated most of the condo development in our town. Every area with its own taste - no wonder Toronto is considered the condo capital of North America. 
So here they are, one after another:

Bay Street
A century ago completely burned by the Great Fire, now the financial heart of Toronto, Canadian Wall Street. You can smell the business in the air - every important financial company has its Canadian headquarters here, in one of the representative business centres. 

Avenue Road
Philosopher's Walk of the University of Toronto, The Royal Ontario Museum,  Queen's
 Park, Ontario's Parliament - bored? Then you can admire trendy exteriors (and interiors of course) of Hermes, Louis Vitton, Chanel and other exclusive shops. 
King West
Roy Thomson Concert Hall or the Anglican Cathedral Church of St. James, picturesque Victorian-look houses - this is King West during the day. During night, this neighbourhood turns into fast beating heart of nightlife in Toronto - pubs, bars, restaurants, all here, few steps from the brand new condo development.
This is going to be condo-buyer's dream soon. #1 condo offer in Toronto. Vast ex-railway land is
 turned into huge condo development - around 130 buildings, from townhomes to high-rise development, numerous ponds, parks and walking paths, Ontario lake few steps away - should I continue?

I spread words about Waterfron condos in Toronto some month ago!
St. Lawrence Market
If you want to live in stylish environment, go for St. Lawrenc
e Market. Old factories from this 19th century industrial area have been turned into lofts, Big St. Lawrence Market with fresh food offer, historical St. Lawrence Hall and the Flatiron Building remained. If you don't like living in the old factory, you can choose condo from the new development built in this area.

Yonge and Eglinton
Called "Young and Eligible" too, this is the area of young professionals. The Yonge Eglinton Centre complex, numerous sidewalk cafes and fashion boutiques, wide range of condo living from townhomes to high-density development. Yonge and Eglinton is modern and busy area, despite the fact it used to be a part of the old Town of North Toronto.

The Toronto International Film Festival occupies many of local cinemas. In between the movies, you can visit some of local 700 galleries here. Yorkville is also #1 shopping district and the same for food lovers!

South Etobicoke
This is an area with complex opportunities - parks, Humble River, good services, business and entertainment prospects, good highway connection - South Etobicoke definitely belongs to top 10 condo neighbourhoods.

The Village
This historical neighbourhood is an ideal place for afternoon walk. Victorian houses and apartments from the 19th century (but new condo development is on the way), numbers of restaurants and eateries can offer relaxing whiles. By the way, the television series Queer As Folk was filmed here.