Dec. 17, 2009

What will the June G20 summit in Toronto mean for the city?

Toronto will host a huge event on June 26th and 27th. As our Prime Minister Stephen harper announced during his stay in South Korea, the G20 summit is going to be moved to Toronto instead of originally planned Huntsville area.

What implication will this fact have for Toronto and its citizens?

Firstly, Toronto will become the top place of the world for two days, due to the visit of 20 of the top world leaders. The most popular of them is the US president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Obama. Except for the important political personalities, many officials and journalists from the US, EU member states, India or China will come to Toronto. As said by Mayor David Miller, the even will positively influence the city's growing reputation worldwide.

Additionally, as the president of the Greater Toronto Hotel Association, Terry Mundel, said, the event will surely have good economic implications for Toronto. Approximately 10, 000 hotel rooms will be needed for more than 30 international delegations. As said by Mundel, the expected revenues for accommodation make up to about $17 millions. If we count food, drinks and basic entertainment, it sure is a nice sum of money. The pubs and restaurants in Toronto will certainly have a lot of customers during the event.

A noteworthy question definitely is that of security, too. In the words of Toronto police spokesman, Mark Pugash, all the aspects that anyone would await as being part of a global event are being worked on, and have been worked on for some period. Mayor Miller is thus convinced everything will go extremely smoothly. Undoubtedly, helicopters, closed roads, police cars and policemen will be present everywhere, but Miller believes the citizens will be understanding. Don't forget about the restrictions during the summit. Going and and to for example tour open houses will be almost impossible during that period.

Interestingly, the summit is not the only event to take place in Toronto in late June. Toronto Jazz festival is starting during the last weekend of June too. Let's hope the Toronto police don't mistake Jazz lovers for globalization protesters.