Feb. 21, 2012

Losing Weight

A dream of almost every girl and woman - to have that great body men would turn their heads to. But due to many factors it sometimes seems impossible to achieve - I will name a few. Such as bad diet, eating habits, weak will...

But everything can be changed. The simplest ways are your best friend here - do not believe in drastic diets, or magic pills / gadets. It's a simple math - if you burn more calories than receive, you lose fat. For this to happen, you have to increase your body metabolism, as the burning process happens exclusively there and then! And how do you do it?

Find a relaxing place to be, where you can exercise. Yes, you heard me, you will exercise. Because your body burns calories, when it repairs "broken" muscles - for that to happen, you have to lift weights. Not very heavy ones, but cardio doesn't help as you think.

When your body repairs muscle tissue, it burns calories. When you receive less calories than burn, you burn fat. Easy as that! Of course, don't eat things as margarines, white pastry and fried food - you'd destroy everything you've worked for so far!

Don't believe evething you read on the Internet. Balanced healthy diet and exercising with weights is the way to lose fat!

Feb. 8, 2012

Thinking about...

Sometimes, there is nothing to think about. We live our lives subconsciously, automatically making decisions and taking action. But there are days, when I realize I have just been thinking about a subject for many days and I didn't know it - like yesterday about the Keystone pipeline.

Or, on the other hand, where I could have spent the New Year's Eve? Somewhere else? Morningside Avenue? Such a nice name...or at ten top places to do this?

Have a little break and rest. Rest to think. As my grandfather used to say: "Thinking is the greatest adventure of all."