Apr. 28, 2009

New video from Toronto condos!

We have prepared this short video for all of you who are consdering buying a new condo. Prepare your coffee and have a 5 minute break...


Apr. 24, 2009

Toronto has its own Agenda

It is worth mentioning that Toronto sticks to its Agenda for Prosperity for nearly 3 years now. By seizing its diversity Toronto can possibly become a great place for global economy since it also enjoys all the advantages which businesses would require to choose their location. The most important of these advantages is that Toronto is the heart of one of the most rapidly growing economic regions of North America. Amongst the reasons why Toronto is now so successful lies the fact that big investments were made the previous century.

This new century is called "the century of cities". Why? Because in the context of it cities all around the world will be trying to become the actors to shape global economy. Toronto has the realistic ambition to be one of them and, moreover, inspire for solving metropolitan challenges like climate change and human wellness and security. Under these circumstances, tourism as well as real estate in Toronto can easily flourish. What is needed to succeed in them again? It is obvious that the answer is broader level investment. Economy should keep growing.

One year ago the mission to present Toronto as a gateway to North America and attract investment from Chinese enterprises started. This is a good sign, although it is not enough. After all, Toronto is lately believed to be the next Dubai...Can this be true? Statistics say that in 2025 Canada will be a leading oil-producing country and maybe more needed for the "oily-hungry" United States.