Nov. 19, 2010

Feng Shui in in our House - Where you Sleep

Meaning wind-water - does this word association remind you of something? I can hear some of you saying 'No', well it doesn't make it any clearer to me either. But if offered with its original translation, you probably would know exactly what it is. Although the expression 'wind-water' doesn't make any sense to most of us, the original translation often does. Feng Shui began in Chinese astronomy and it was used to orient buildings with heaven and earth, nowadays it is more about balancing heaven and earth in our environment to promote positive qu (pronounced chee).

Within the home many individuals already organize their rooms directed by this old Chinese tradition. It doesn't matter which room in the property you want to organize, every single room can be organized using this old tradition. It doesn't matter how many rooms are in the hproperty, they are, according to the theory all connected. Still I just want to tell you about a few fundamental rules that can be used for the room everybody spends time in, for at least a few hours each day, the bedroom.
When choosing what to put in your bedroom, according to feng shui, you should avoid items such a TVs and gym apparatus. This is because this type of apparatus will eliminate any good energy you have in there. On the other hand, good happy artwork and items are just right for any bedroom. To promote good energy, look for positive pictures and items that you can duplicate, as one of something is still wrong for the bedroom. Choose pictures that are bright, cheerful and positive as well as ornaments, though make sure ornaments are part of a pair. Choosing inspirational things is the key to being content. If you feel good about the decor in the room, then odds are you are on the proper track. You have to admit to yourself that looking at something nice and joyful is much better than looking at something depressing and sad.

Feng shui will also help you choose the colors best suited to create that perfect setting in your bedroom A decent range of colors that is put forward, is the color of human skin, from pale colors to a dark brown I would say most of these shades can combine particularly well with any other color. If you decide to use these shades, you will also find that the majority of other decors go well with them, as they are quite neutral. Try making use of a contrasting colour on some of the walls, or your favorite colour; this should make a perfect combination. As flesh tones are quite neutral, any other color you choose should go very well and look effective.
Feng shui will also help you find the correct direction to put your bed. You should know which aspect of your life you want to influence, in almost all of them, the bed should be turned in a slightly different direction. The general rule is, decide which part of your life you want to change, then position the bed in a slightly different direction. There is no universal working position, so look up the position in accordance with the part of your life you want to improve. If you are unsure what each position means, then there are many ways to find out, from books to browsing the Internet.
As a Summerhill homes realtor, who spent almost 3 decades working with properties, I must warn you: Beware! One thing you should not do, according to feng shui, is to put a mirror facing your bed. People can still have a mirror in the bedroom, though. Close your bedroom door as well as closet doors, is another recommendation feng shui promotes. I don't know about you, but I always feel protected having the doors closed anyway. If you generally do not like doors closed or need them open for a reason, then for your piece of mind don't close them. One of the most important things to take into consideration, is your comfort is paramount. No amount beneficial energy is going to flow if you feel distressed in your bed.

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