Jan. 3, 2009

Hunt for a realtor

Are you going to sell/buy some piece of real estate, let's say some condos in Toronto? Then you are sure looking for some reliable realtor. But how to decide for the right one?

You may simply ask somebody around you - family, friends, colleagues - for their experience with real estate agent in the desired neighborhood. Probably you can get some information. On the other hand, a mediocre referral is worse then none. In that case, you should look farther afield.

Better place for seeking a reliable agent is online. You can find there some hard data, which doesn't lie. All good realtors are proud to present their done deals, testimonials bios, awards, education...

And all good realtors are happy when you contact them and ask question. Don't be afraid to be very detailed, you are going to buy an important service.

Ask for the:

-marketing strategy. MLS is not enough!
-time schedule. Are you going to need your agent in the evenings? Sundays? Does he have enough time for you?
-additional services. Arranging house inspection, mortgage, real estate lawyer meeting. You are going to spend your money, so ask for complex service!
-prince range. Is your potential agent dealing condos in your price range?

Don't hesitate to refuse agent's services, if you are not completely satisfied. It's the only way how to ensure smooth process of buying/selling your property.