Oct. 21, 2010

Neighborhood Cleanup May Be Your Initiative

picture by Alan Stanton
Is your community full of waste, rubbish over the streets and dirty? Take the problems into your own hands and clean it up! it out! Young or old, fit or unfit, a neighbourhood cleanup is something the whole street can become become involved in. Not only does it cleanup your area but it also brings communities together and a good way to make new friends.

So nobody else thought of the job or wants to arrange it;sort it out; that's not an issue, organize it yourself. There has to be a leader with every job, don't be frightened to be in charge of the event! The streets are not going to clean themselves, if you can't pluck up the courage to do something about the rubbish. The local authorities should be your first point of call, do this in advance of getting anyone else involved with the event It's best to check with them first, to avoid any problems in the future, not that there is likely to be. They may be able to support you by loaning equipment or even just some good support and advice.

To help your whole community, the affair should be massive, which means arranging a great campaign. Catch the attention of your neighbours with posters or a note through the postbox; you could even pop round personally to rally their support. Tell residents well in advance so they can make arrangements to be there, then keep them informed as well as sending out reminders. Anyone that is interested in helping should have their names written down so you know how many residents are turning up and try and set up a few meetings to sort out the nitty gritty with them. Ask for support with the organization, if your day is going to involve large numbers of people and cover a large area, you could find the work too much to do by yourself.

Details of what needs to be completed should also be assembled as well as any equipment you may need. People can also dispose of stuff from their own home; it depends on what you agree. As for the community itself, share the responsibilities. Nobody can be expected to provide all the materials needed, nor can one person be expected to deal with any issues, to that end delegate responsibility. A good idea is to have each resident or family bring only the bits they are going to need in the cleanup. Put the community litter to a community bin, and so on.

When looking for the right manager, look at someone with large social network. Your broker can be helpful. As a Toronto homes expert I mean it! After the cleaning it could be a nice idea to celebrate the work has been done with a street party. If a full day of tidying does not get the neighbours more friendly, a celebration certainly will! Organize, for instance, a fun barbecue evening in a common space and have a brilliant time! The sign of a nice neighbourhood is working together and being there for each other. Help your community be great, too.