Apr. 21, 2010

Does Your Home Need a Refurb?

Imagine you have bought a house. Your new home which you are very happy about. But it could be in better condition; it is not exactly new and has a number of faults that should certainly be dealt with. Shortly, a refurb is essential. The aim of my article is to offer you few tips you could use when buying a home that needs a refurb.

Look after exterior at first. Is there a big backyard, overgrown and messy grass and trees? That should be taken care of - exterior catches attention of people first. New trees, grass, flowers, a pool or something for children - you are allowed to do anything you wish. Most importantly, it is you, who should be satisfied with how your backyard looks.

After you are done with the exterior, you can go inside. The walls should be painted if necessary. Also, the floors, carpets, ceilings, windows or doors should be in a good state. In case something in your home seems like it is not going to last for a long period, throw it away - change it. In the end it may cost you a lot less than repeated repairs.

As for rooms - kitchens and bathrooms are usually those which need more attention than the rest of the rooms - in some of them, paint, carpets and furniture is basically everything that should be taken care about. If you are not planning to live in the house right away, but rather doing all the repairs while staying at a different location, it is probably better to start with these rooms. When you are done with those, the most difficult part of your work is over. Surely, in some houses these rooms might be in a better condition than the rest, so that they would not need extensive repair.

Be careful, if you are buying a home just because it is cheap, but in a horrible state, it may cost you a lot more than a nice, but more expensive, home that does not require so much work. Before purchasing a home for refurb, calculate the approximate cost of the big change, so there are no shocking surprises at the end when you see all the bills. I wish you the best of luck with possible future refurb of your home, and I want to ask you to share your experience if you have gone through home refurb before.

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