Mar. 22, 2010

House Enhancements Real Estate Scams

This real estate scam related feature one will be concerned with home improvement scam and a particular example of one of its most common types.

You Have a Home with a Chimney

These chimney scams are very frequent. It might just happen that somewhere, somehow you see an advertisement regarding chimney cleaning, for a very acceptable price, of course. So you make an appointment and the sweeper comes out to look at your chimney, but "oh no" your chimney is ready to drop down and badly needs fixing or even replacing. But be wary. Before taking the word of this sweeper, make sure you search around for a second or even a third recommendation.

Quality usually comes at a higher price, but often this is the better option. We all like a good deal, but often not everything, is as it seems. If they do the chimney clean right, then you have been lucky and should be grateful you found a bargain. But as soon as they mention your chimney needs fixing, watch out and ask someone else before paying out for the repair. If a sweeper is advertising with money off coupons or even direct into your mailbox, often sets the radar off for future fiddles. If you ever had a trades-person employed around the corner and just happens to offer you a good price, there is often something very fishy going on. I feel that I'm repeating myself, but be wary.

Property Improvement Swindles That you May Come Across

Here are some general hints about things to watch out for:

-they are allegedly working in your neighbourhood and just happen to turn up at your door offering a good price.

-offering you a low price because they happen to have extra material left over from a job or they have a bulk order they don't want.

-as they are working in your house they can do this chore or that job all at a reduced price - you may end up having your whole home unnecessarily repaired.

-wants payment upfront before the repair is finished (Are they going to finish the job or complete it well?)

If a small voice in your head says be careful; listen to it! With these scams in your head and your own natural instincts you can't go far astray.

Written by Elli Davis' Realtor Toronto team.

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