Jun. 5, 2010

How to Avoid the Pitfalls when Marketing Your Property

Experts are there to help you sell your property, but if you prefer to do it without their help you could make numerous mistakes. The aim of this article is to point out some of the most frequent errors people make when selling their house, also how to avoid the pitfalls that will hamper your efforts to sell your property.
The possible sale of your property could depend on the exterior of your home, I have talked about it in other articles, this is the first thing a possible buyer is going to see. A very normal mistake is to think that the exterior is not really important, since people, generally come to look at the inside of the property. The garden, shed, patio and general state of the exterior of the property is imperative. You could leave the exterior in a tip, with overgrown grass and waste everywhere if you are really not bothered about marketing your property.

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Whilst you may love your animals, a probable purchaser may not like them. There is nothing worse than a dog or cat jumping up at the potential buyer as they enter the property. In addition, some animals may smell really terrible. If you have, for instance, a really smelly cage with birds, clean it out just before the potential buyers comes to visit. Open windows to let out the smell of any animals and it also makes sure each room smells clean. Offensive smells can be pretty discouraging to possible buyers.

If you want to put purchasers off, then forget to clean your home. Smelly, dirty laundry, unwashed dishes, full bins and dirty work surfaces are just a few things that can be offensive to someone viewing your property. Understand me when I say, future buyers DO notice these problems. If you walked into a property and saw dirt everywhere and it smelled offensive, would you buy it? I would be out of that property quickly and would not look back!

Clutter, such as shoes, magazines, coats and other personal things need to be hidden away. Family pictures and the little one's painting masterpieces need to be kept to a minimum. Of course these possessions show this is a well loved family property but the people who are viewing your property need to imagine themselves living there. With all your individual things lying around, this isn't going to be easy for them. Your potential buyer could look in drawers, so avoid stuffing your personal possessions inside them, as doing this can be as detrimental to a possible sale as leaving them out.

What hints can you think of to help others have a favourable house sale? Have you viewed a property and disliked something so didn't purchase it? Let me know if there is something else that could be helpful to include in this report.

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