Jan. 29, 2010

Virtual networks and real estate

A short time ago someone I know said to me "If you are not on Facebook, you fundamentally don't even exist." I am now beginning to believe those who say it. Social network sites give you an awarenes into what your friends and work mates are doing. It is just about unachievable to keep in communication otherwise.

Still, staying informed about the life of your friends and acquaintances surely is not the only purpose of such websites. Another point of social websites is promoting yourself and bringing in business especially if you are a real estate agent. The times when a billboard or a little advertisement in a newspaper was enough for propagation of one's work or business are long disappeared and they will not come back. The way to the future is now the internet and computers. On-line, (what a coincidence) you can come across lots of articles with instructions and working tips on how to use the phenomenon of social networking.

For older people who were not brought up with computers, it's tough to get used to operating computers and to find their way round websites. Youngsters go on computers from a young age, so are fluent with them, while we, from the older generation, are taking a while to work things out. Regardless of the issue we still have a go. Those ideas, I venture, are not just felt by me, but by many realtors out there.

After working all day its not surprising we come home tired, so it's hard to sum up the energy to find interesting things to talk about on blogs or make posts on social websites such as facebook and twitter. Our daily routine now involves just that sort of input. Settling down now means going on-line to get our social networking chore done. Is there members of the public out there that are fascinated in our posts? Do people, other than fellow realtors, actually look at the articles we write? I think we will never know for sure, will we?

Personally because the reports are of interest to me, I do peruse and look at the websites of my fellow real estate associates. But who knows whether their features also attract ordinary people (I don't mean this in a negative way, of course), the job of whom is not involved with real estate at all. By reading colleagues blogs and posts, it doesn't matter how often I get together with them, I am always up to date with their lives. So I may not have spoken to someone for a long time, but I can honestly say I have learnt alot about them, and this is thanks to social networking. What a awesome thing social networking is.

In my professional life I sell Toronto condos, and I consider social networking to be one of the key ways of success. Hopefully this short article was of any help for you!

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